Looking for an English-speaking coach in Paris ?

My added value as a coach

My purpose as a coach is to support you on your way to professional and personal alignment, with a view to leading a fulfilling, balanced and performing life. Reach out to me for a free sample session, if you are :

  • looking to enhance your management skills or leadership style,
  • thinking about the next step in your career,
  • transitioning between jobs,
  • aiming for a better work-life harmony,
  • or building up your self-confidence and self-esteem…

I currently live and work in Paris, and I have a robust experience and knowledge of the French job market. Having worked and lived in multicultural environments, I am aware of the adjustments one has to make to adapt to working in France. Cultural awareness and personal development are on the menu !

I continuously expand my coaching skills by meeting and learning with an extraordinary tribe of international coaches who work in many different cultures and languages. I am a certified MBTI® and DISC® practitioner, using these tools in both individual and collective processes.

About me…

Ever since I was an exchange student in the USA, English has been my favourite language for literature, discovering other cultures and learning.

A legal officer by training, I have worked for 20 years in various HR roles in French and international companies, delivering individual and collective development programs to multi-cultural managers and teams.

In order to provide stronger support to people’s professional and personal development, I trained as a co-active coach in London and studied the narrative approach.

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